5 pilates exercises to lose weight

exercises to lose weight

The Pilates gives us the opportunity to get a toned body, marked and no trace of fat in our body. If we follow a pilates routine that focuses on every part of our body, we will achieve what we long for! Through the different pilates exercises we eliminate the fatty deposits and burn most of the calories we consume day by day. So, the key is also in food!

exercises to lose weightTherefore, today we propose 5 pilates exercises to lose weight, as well as to tone all muscles. This exercise routine will allow you to see the numerous benefits that pilates has and will help you to show off a body of envy. For them!

Five exercise to lose weight:

Steel Belly:

To perform this exercise, lie on your back, bend your legs to your chest and grasp your knees with your hands. Try to stretch your back slowly, while joining your legs and lifting them toward your chest and forward.

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Now stretch your arms to the sides and shake them with quick movements. At the same time, you should inhale and exhale at least five times.

Goodbye tension:

To perform this exercise you should sit on the floor with your legs bent. Bring them to your chest and tighten them. Now relax your back and swing your body back and forth. The movement must be slow so that the vertebrae slowly stretch.

Circular Legs:

Stretch your face up with your legs bent in parallel. Rest your feet on the mat and bring one of your legs to the chest, then pull it toward the ceiling. Keep your palms and arms extended on the mat or mat. Bend your knee back to your chest and grasp it with your hands. Go back to the starting position. Do 10 sets alternating the leg.

Toning crosses:

Face up, with legs stretched out and hands at the nape of the neck raise the torso up to the shoulders and bring the left knee towards the chest and the right elbow towards the knee as if we wanted to join them. It is an exercise of alternation between arms and legs. Repeat 10 times.

Adding salero:

To perform this exercise you should sit on a bench keeping your back straight. Grab a pair of dumbbells and stretch your arms up and flex. Repeat this movement 6 times.


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