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Ten tips to avoid heavy digestion

At holidays, we love to get together with family or friends around the table to enjoy rich delicacies prepared with affection for the different celebrations. Meals and dinners are long and tend to be more copious than the rest of the year, often giving rise to problems of acidity and heavy digestion. Slow digestion, the…

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Tips to live a healthy life

Everybody wants to live a healthy life.The secret hack to lead a healthier and happier life is making necessary changes in your lifestyle.To be healthy and happy doesn’t take a lot of money, what it takes is – a little desire and motivation. You need to be determined to make small changes in your life….

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4 Myths About Medical Marketing

When medical professionals must make a crucial decision, they have to make a well informed decision. They should make a decision based on facts. For this purpose, they should know which information is a fact and which information is a myth. As when they must decide whether they need to promote their medical practice, they…

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