How to conceal tiredness in the face in 10 minutes

How to conceal tiredness

When we wake up after a bad night in which we have not been able to rest well or after an intense day, our face reflects exhaustion in different ways: red and swollen eyes, dark circles, marked wrinkles, stiffness, etc.

In this article, we provide you the essential tips to make the tiredness of your face disappear naturally and in only 10 minutes. Test it!1. Immediate cleaning

The first step in removing facial tiredness is to clean the skin to remove any impurities and makeup that accumulate in the complexion.

We can always carry in the bag the necessary products to carry it out at any time.

We propose the following natural cleansers:

Water of roses

It has a delicious aroma, is very refreshing and suitable for oily and mixed skin.

Olive oil

To avoid drying dry and mature skins we can take a small boat with one part of olive oil for every five parts of water. We shake it before use and wipe our face with a cotton cloth or soft cloth moistened in this mixture.

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If we are at home and we have pineapple then naturally we can get an effective cleaning if we smeared a piece of pineapple entire face and leave a couple of minutes until dry. Then we will wash our face with water.

2. Cold water and hydration

The quickest way to produce a relaxation and toning effect instantly is to sprinkle our face with very cold water.

In this way, once we have cleaned our face, we will refresh the skin of the face with cold water.

We will dry without rubbing, tapping softly with a towel.

The skin of the skin is already clean and ready to absorb well any moisturizing lotion suitable for our skin type.

3. Automatization

Once we have treated our skin to clean it of impurities and nourish it in depth is the ideal time to realize a self-massage that allows us to relax the tensions, give flexibility to the skin and improve even more the absorption of the moisturizing lotion.

The massage should be smooth and in the opposite direction of the wrinkles, up and towards the outside of the face.

We can do it while we apply the lotion, for about 3 or 5 minutes.

4. Grinning

The face accumulates many tensions throughout the day or even if we have spent a bad night. These rigidities harden the factions and give us a more serious and aged appearance.

A simple and fun way to combat these daily stresses is to make all kinds of grimaces with each part of the face: with the mouth, the jaw, the tongue, the nose, the cheeks, the forehead, the eyes, etc.

For a minute we will make all kinds of exaggerated gestures with the face. Although many people believe that this causes wrinkles to appear, the effect is just the opposite, since it stimulates blood circulation throughout the face.

5. Eye Relaxation

The eyes can change the general appearance of the face, as they accumulate tension and tiredness throughout the day. To combat this problem in a minute we can resort to palmeo, a technique of ocular relaxation that consists of rubbing our hands to warm up and support the closed eyes in the palm of the hands.

We will notice how the eyes relax and, by the way, we will improve the quality of our sight, which will be clearer and clearer.

6. Stimulation of lips

The lips also accumulate tensions because of everything we repress and do not say. Over time we tighten them, along with the jaw, which gives a rigid aspect to the entire lower part of the face.

On the other hand, if we relax them, we will gain more sensual and voluminous lips.

After having hydrated them well, we will cover our whole mouth with one hand and drag it horizontally towards the external side, massaging not only the lips but also the surrounding area, which also tends to have tension and where wrinkles tend to appear. We will do it 10 times with each hand.


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