Ten tips to avoid heavy digestion

heavy digestion

At holidays, we love to get together with family or friends around the table to enjoy rich delicacies prepared with affection for the different celebrations. Meals and dinners are long and tend to be more copious than the rest of the year, often giving rise to problems of acidity and heavy digestion. Slow digestion, the feeling of bloating, heartburn and even nausea are symptoms of heavy digestion that can ruin a day of celebration.

Although we are usually moderate at mealtimes, it is difficult to resist the temptation of so many and varied snacks during holidays. So how to avoid what should be a pleasant day with gastronomy as a center becomes a calvary for our stomach?

Take note of these recommendations that we suggest you to avoid a heavy digestion:

  1. If you know that you are going to participate in a special meal or dinner, eat properly during the rest of the day, following the rule of five meals: breakfast, light lunch, lunch, light snack, and dinner. In this way, if food or dinner is expected to be copious, you will avoid anxiously at the table and it will be easier for you to resist binge eating.
  2. If during the large meal you want to try everything, always serve small amounts in the dish to control what you eat. If possible, use everything you are going to try at once to better calculate the quantities.
  3. Avoid repeating, unless you have decided to do without a dish and you prefer only what you repeat. In any case, do so in moderation. Remember that at the end of the meal we usually have appetizing sweets and sometimes it is worth booking.
  4. If you are presented with a variety of starters and you have to choose, choose the lightest and lowest fat. The more fatty foods you consume, the more chances you will have to undergo heavy digestion.
  5. Avoid alcohol as much as possible as it also contributes because it also contributes greatly to the annoying digestions. Also, accompanying copious meals with soft drinks is not usually a good idea. Water as a base and a drink to toast will be a much more advisable option.
  6. Try not to snack before the meal or dinner in question. If this is already copious start to snack or drink before the starters will be a bad idea, especially if we try to taste everything that is put ahead.
  7. Eat slowly, tasting every bite well and chewing properly to avoid bad digestion. In addition, sometimes eating more slowly we get satiated before and not fall into the excess.
  8. When it’s time for coffee, it’s best to opt for a digestive infusion to help us spend a more pleasant meal.
  9. If at the end of the day you feel full, do not force yourself. Whenever possible, it is advisable to opt for a digestive fruit such as pineapple, papaya or kiwi.
  10. Avoid lying down or lying down right after lunch or dinner, as this will only promote stomach acidity. If possible, once you have finished eating and have rested, consider taking a walk to lower the food. Your digestion will thank you.

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