Buyer’s Guide for Forward Fold Camper Trailer

Buyer's Guide for Forward Fold Camper Trailer

Models of forward folding camper trailer are very rapidly gaining popularity among camping lovers. After all, they are compact, sleek and extremely comfortable for a family comprising of 4 members. This kind of camper trailer even makes camping easy for first time campers, as it comes with a set up that can be done very fast, efficiently and easily by one person. The “forward fold camper” is actually a very simple concept, which even works as the name suggests – setting up the whole thing, you have to fold the trailer’s lid forward.

There are two main reasons why forward fold camper trailers allow one to camp in more interesting places easily:

  • The camper opens above the drawbar; the whole footprint of forward-fold camper does not expand when you set up, like side-folding or rear model. This means that searching a suitable camping spot is easier, which ever place you are.
  • You can comfortably and easily set up camp, i.e. out of mud, sand or rocks. It even provides a factor of protection from creepy crawlies etc.

These are some tips to consider when buying a forward fold camper trailer:

1. Driving

The forward fold camper trailer is mostly light weight and so easily to tow. They are designed for off road traveling. This can be a great benefit, if you are planning on camping off the beaten path or are interested in exploring rugged side roads. These are some things to look for when planning to buy a camper trailer – durable alloy wheels, independent suspension, extra gas holders, electric brakes, second water tank and a second battery. All this indicates that the forward fold camper is designed to be durable and tough, irrespective of whatever the weather or terrain.

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2. Space

If you have chosen to camp in a trailer, the reason probably could be that a simple tent cannot match a trailer, when space and comfort is considered. Though a forward fold camper is compact but it is spacious enough to relax during your holiday.

There is sufficient livable space, thanks to various forward fold models. They provide convertible dinette which also turns up into a double bed when required. This allows the families to use the available space in several ways. In addition to this, various models of forward fold camper trailers usually have an outdoor space which functions for both relaxing and cooking under the protection of the awning.

3. Storage

A forward fold camper trailer has enough storage, so they are excellent for many families. There is provision of creative storage, which is situated in slide-out boxes, located near the rear and front of the trailer. Plus, there is good storage under the bed as well as space below the dinette. Most of the models also have storage racks above the trailer in order to carry bulky items.

Front folding hard floor campers are best for those who are looking for compact and light weight off road folding trailers. Ezytrail Camper Trailers offers the best quality forward fold camper trailers all over Australia. They have a wide range of camping trailers to choose from.

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