Facebook Connect – Connecting Clients to Your Business

Facebook Connect – Connecting Clients to Your Business

Generally businesses strive to enhance their online visibility, to acquire new customers and build better relationship with existing clients. Facebook Connect is the efficient medium to increase online visibility of your business. No matter who you are and what type of customers you target Facebook Connect is the answer to the question of augmenting online visibility. So now connecting to clients has become just a piece of cake, all because of Facebook Connect.

It provides a platform to enhance closeness to the clients, by providing a place where they can upgrade, share and view the online activities without hassle of lengthy registration process. So now the customer does not have to log on a company’s page, rather the company is ubiquitously available to facilitate them.

While you as a company gets the information including picture, name, and much more of the existing client, to boost business. The business increases because through the information available a company can analyze the demographic, cultural factor, likes, dislikes and overall online behavior to provide a customize solution, tailored according to the need of individual customers. The information availability also helps in connecting the companies to the client. Like an automated greeting system of company that wishes customer on its birthday, anniversaries and other special occasions, or a comment on behalf of company on some low day of the customer and/or a comment liking update for something special happening in the life of customers, giving a personalize feel to them. It should also be kept in mind that the information sharing due to lack of trust on part of customer is a big question mark in now a day. The reason of such mistrust is because of increasing online fraud, while a large population shares information on Facebook, because they trust this source. So companies get information through Facebook Connect that customer will not share in normal cases. The other benefit that companies get is that rather than companies marketing their brand alone, customer markets the brand as well through word of mouth marketing.

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It also helps in connecting friends of users to your site. As the activities, feedbacks and comments done by user are visible, so the viral marketing of the brand take place. The overall expansion of company client base happens only due to the viral effect of Facebook Connect.

Now the entire Facebook Connect user-base has the possibility of being your potential client, as the touch points of your company to the potential clients’ increases. So in long term Facebook Connect facilitates in multiplying social network of company. This also helps in providing the type of solution potential customer is looking for, so the overall level of trust on company increases. Facebook is considered a socially acceptable and reliable medium a great chunk of world relies on, and Facebook Connect is the new family member in the Facebook family, enjoying all the privileges of the confidence. This lead to encouragement of sharing values among the clients and companies, motivating both the companies and client to connect for mutual benefit.