Do You Want To Advertise in Facebook?

Do You Want To Advertise in Facebook?

Facebook’s paid advertising is one of the emerging ways to advertise your product. It is already proving to have better conversions that the regular search marketing. This is becoming a powerful marketing tool as the number of users are well over 500 million and still growing. The other good thing about Facebook Marketing is you can laser target the audience to whom the advertisement should be displayed. You can target based on age, sex, geographical location, interests and so on. It is important to devise a good Facebook marketing strategy for having good results.

Facebook Advertising Expense

You cannot set up a campaign and relax, it is estimated that on an average an advertiser spends around 1.07 dollar in acquiring a lead through Facebook. If you cannot work on your campaign and tweak it, then your expenses will be high. You can check this link on Calculating Facebook Advertisement cost to get an estimate on how much you will spend on campaigns. If you are running a CPM campaign then it is very important to design your ad well and to have a high CTR (click through rate), so that your total expense will be less. One should also make use of the demographic information given by Facebook to run your campaign profitably.

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Facebook Advertisements – CPM and CPC

Facebook offers two forms of advertisements; CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per 1000 impressions). It is very easy to advertise in facebook using both the forms, creating an ad is quite easy. In case of CPC you will pay a predetermined amount to facebook for every click that your ad receives. In case of CPM, you ad will be displayed to user and you will be paying facebook a predetermined amount of money no matter people click your ads or not. No one might visit your ad, but you will end up paying money for Facebook, at the same time if you ad is very attractive, then many people will visit your ad but you will be paying very less amount as CPM ads are very cheap compared to CPC ads. This is the right time to market using Facebook, as at the moment the facebook marketing channel is less competitive so make use of it before it becomes as competitive as Google.